September 10, 2023



Almost everyone in sales makes this mistake


Would you ever go into a boxing ring, without any practice?

Imagine, you're hopping into the boxing ring. Having no idea how to punch. How to block.

Your opponent is a big, burly fighter.

And then you have to fight.

Most people do this

A lot of SDRs make this mistake.

They're like the boxer, with no training. The only experience they get, is from getting whooped in fights.

Instead of getting beat up physically, they're getting beat up by prospects. Making mistakes that could have easily been avoided.

But there's a better way

The sparring partner

Like a boxer who trains, an SDR needs a sparring partner. Someone that acts like prospect but doesn't beat them up.

A practice partner. Often times, these partners are other SDRs or managers.

The best partners are the top earning AEs and SDRs. They're the boxers that have gotten beaten up by terrible deals.

They understand the most common objections. More importantly, they understand how to handle them.

But they're busy.. earning lots of money.

When you can't access them

If you want a partner that's always available to practice, bot prospect lets you create your own practice partner.

These are partners that you can make look/sound/feel just like your prospects.

They help you practice without risking a sale.

They help you warm up your voice and get into the flow.

They help you get more confident when making the pitch. Because you've practiced.

Don't risk losing another sale and start practicing today.

If you're interested in trying bot prospect, sign up for the waiting list on the home page.